Subaru Love Encore near Detroit, MI


What is the Subaru Love-Encore program?

    So you've recently purchased or leased a new Subaru and when you came in to the dealership to pick it up you were on cloud nine (how could you not be?!).  The only were so excited to get out on the road in your new car that you maybe forgot to ask questions about some of the features of your car.  Or worse, there is so much content in your new car that even though you did your best to retain all the information our product specialist was presenting it just became overwhelming....

So now what?
That's where the our Subaru Love-Encore program comes in to play!  Here at Hodges we recognize that there is just no way to grasp all of the new features of your vehicle in one sitting.  In an effort to make sure that you are both aware and informed of the ability of your new car we want to invite you back in to sit with our product specialist to go over any features you need refreshing on or you just don't know how to use.  Our recommendation is simple:
  1. After you've finished with all the paperwork our product specialist will walk you through some of the basic features of your new car.  Ask as many questions as you'd like obviously but if you're feeling overwhelmed don't get discouraged.
  2. Our product specialist will send you on your way when you feel confident enough to navigate your way around the new car
  3. We'll give you a couple weeks to get comfortable (just enough time to figure out what you know vs. don't know) and then our product specialist will contact you to see if you'd like to come back in for a Love-Encore delivery!
Simple as that!
 Obviously you're always more than welcome to give us a call if you're at a loss as to what something does and how it works (it happens).  In the meantime, here are some videos that may help: