It's no secret that Subaru drivers love adventuring with their pets. Our experts at Hodges Subaru want to provide the pet-friendly accessories that make your adventure more enjoyable. Buying the right accessories will make traveling with all your pets easier.

Our team will explore the accessories to find ones that will outfit your Subaru near Royal Oak with everything you'll need.


Explore Pet-Friendly Accessories with Our Ferndale Dealership

If you're a Detroit driver looking to outfit your vehicle with accessories to accommodate your vehicle, Hodges Subaru should be your first stop. Our pet-friendly accessories include:

  • Pet Ramps: If you want your pet to be able to walk into your vehicle, the pet ramp is right for you. Jumping in and out of the vehicle puts your vehicle at risk, and needing to lift them every time can be harmful to you, but the pet ramp solves these issues.
  • Padded Cargo Liner and Seat Protectors: Keeping your pet comfortable and interior clean, these liners are a great addition to any vehicle. Easy to install and take out, a liner makes your vehicle easier to clean after any romp through the woods.
  • Travel Bowls: While not attached to your vehicle, the Subaru Pet Travel Bowl lets you keep your pets fed and hydrated during any adventure. See the special Subaru Blue color of our Subaru Pet Travel Bowls, and our team makes it easy whenever you want to explore.

Learn More About Pet-Friendly Accessories by Contacting Our Dealership

It doesn't take long to see how our dealership offers Warren drivers everything you could need for your time of ownership. Order your parts online to get anything you'll need during your time of ownership. You can also take the short ride from Dearborn to see everything we can offer!

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